Welcome to Cloud Inn Keeper by Minotaur Software Ltd - Enjoy your stay!

Cloud Inn Keeper is a bespoke software solution for the Accommodation & Hospitality industry.

Our hospitality section which incorporates hotels, B&Bs and holiday rentals/lettings, allows Cloud Inn Keeper to fulfil all your requirements through one central point. Allowing more effectiveness and good practice which will enable your business to function more efficiently. Below are some examples of our key features within the system.

Due to our system being bespoke and customisable, we can add any features you require, if they aren't already implemented.

Room Management

Cloud Inn Keeper makes it easy to add, update and manage your rooms with just a few clicks.

Customer Management

Cloud Inn Keeper allows you to keep track of repeat business customers, with their requirements from their previous visits with you.

Automatic Emails

Want email confirmation sent the minute a booking is confirmed? We've got you covered! Cloud Inn Keeper gives you control over sending emails to guests when you want, with the content you want, without you needing to worry about it.

Instant Booking confirmation

Cloud Inn Keeper updates channels with booking confirmation at the time of the booking. The system also allows you to setup automatic email confirmation directly to the customer.

Manage Property Content

Cloud Inn Keeper makes it easy to add or remove rooms, rates, rate plans & amenities with just a click of a button.


Statistic Reporting

Cloud Inn Keeper makes it simple and easy for you to generate reports ranging from finance reports, booking source reports and much more.

Fast and Smooth Booking Process

Entering a new manual booking into Cloud Inn Keeper is quick and easy with our simple look up and book process!

Reservation Management

Cloud Inn Keeper makes processing a new reservation seamless with automatic room allocation.

Real-time Updates of Rates & Availability

Cloud Inn Keeper uses APi technology to update channels in real-time with your updated rates and availability.


Cloud Inn Keeper will automatically create an invoice on Check-Out which will also include any room services applied. These invoices can be customised to your liking.


With Cloud Inn Keeper, you can easily override your standard room rates when adding a booking by applying a discount value or specifying the agreed rate.

Embedded Booking Widget

Add our responsive & customizable booking widget to your existing website to allow guests to book directly through your website.

Bespoke Website

Our team can create you a new, fresh & responsive website for your property. Having a great website will keep customers browsing for longer, leading to increased revenue. This will also include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so your website will have an increased chance to be at the top of an online search e.g. Google, Bing.

Price and Availability Management

Cloud Inn Keeper makes managing your rates and availability with ease, while updating any external channels you're connected to.


Channel Connections

Channel connections through Cloud Inn Keeper are just around the corner. The connections are in development and will be release before you know it.


For details on how much you can save by switching to Cloud Inn Keeper, please contact our team at enquiry@cloudinnkeeper.com, or call us on 01934 808095
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